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Wholesale Double Wall Glass Mug

Reihey manufactures and supplies double wall glass mug, which are available in a variety of sizes, from 80ml to 650ml. Our double wall cup are versatile and can be used as glass coffee mug, cappucino mugs, glass teacups and more. Reihey can meet your wholesale double wall glass mug needs. If you can't find a design you like, we'd be more than happy to work with you and meet your branding requirements.

250/350/450ml Glass Double-layer Cup
150/250/350ml Double Wall Glass Mug With Handle
250/350ml Double Wall Glass Mug With Handle
double wall glass coffee mugs
cappucino mugs
double wall glass mug

Wholesale Double Wall Glass Mug Supplier

Reihey has many years of experience in the glass manufacturing industry and is one of the most reliable wholesale suppliers of double wall glass mug in China. Our double wall glass mugs are available in different designs that are sure to appeal to your customers. We have double wall glass coffee mugs, glass mug with handle, double insulated cups and more.Since they're made of double-glazed glass, they're perfect for serving drinks to keep them warm.
These double wall glass mug are not only suitable for serving coffee, but also other beverages such as wine, milk, water, juice and more.

Wholesale Double Wall Glass Mug

Reihey'sdouble wall cup come in different shapes and capacities, ranging from 80ml to 650ml.
Are you looking for the bestdouble wall glass mugs for your project? Contact Reihey today and let us help you create double wall glass mug that will help increase your brand awareness!


Double-layer heat insulation is not hot, lead-free and high temperature resistant.Double layer design, can keep drinks cold or hot for longer time.


You can choose to wholesale our double wall glass mug with confidence, ourdouble wall glass mugs are not affected by chemicals and acids. Their corrosion resistance also means that you can wash our champagne glasses repeatedly in the dishwasher. They are also heat resistant, arsenic and lead free.

Decoration and Labeling Services

We have a team of design experts who will assist you with product label design to ensure your double wall glass mug stands out from the competition. With our decorating and labeling services, we can help you enhance the look of your double walled glass mugs.

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Custom Wholesale double wall glass mug 

As one of the leading glass manufacturing companies in China, Reihey accepts custom orders for wholesale double wall glass mug, if you have your own brand design, please let us know now! If you are planning to order large quantities of glass cups, then we encourage you to take advantage of our samples. Whatever the design, we'll work with you to make sure you get only the best packaging design for your project!

Why Glass Is the Perfect Materials for double wall cup

Compared with other cup materials, the use of glass as the material of the double wall glass mug has unique advantages.Double walled glasses are not only beautiful and easy to clean, it also provides the purest taste for your beverages, alcohol because the glass does not affect their taste. While it is generally believed that glasses are prone to breakage, our glasses have a thicker surface to ensure maximum heat resistance and less chance of breakage.

Boost Your Brand with Glass Double-layer Cup Design

Double wall glass mugs are simple and elegant vessels that make a great addition to any dinnerware setting. Give them a great customer experience by providing them with double-layer cups, we guarantee high heat resistance. Offering customers an amazing experience at drinking time with your double wall glass mug will increase brand loyalty and recognition. You can choose to keep the glass cups clear and transparent, or you can add more character to them with a variety of decoration and labeling techniques.

Full Solutions From Custom double wall glass mug Manufacturers

double wall glass mug Capacity

At Reihey, we can customize the capacity of your double-layer cups to the quantities that you prefer to package your product in. It is an important aspect that our design specialists have to consider when conceptualizing custom design double wall glass mugs. We manufacture double wall glass cups of volumes between 80ml up to 650ml.

double wall glass mug Material

For optimum performance, your custom double wall glass mug needs to be designed with the right glass.We can produce different kinds of glass to meet this demand. We use high borosilicate glass material to achieve the heat insulation and high temperature resistance of the double-layer cup.

double wall glass mug Dimension

The dimensions of your double wall glass mugs need to correspond with your factory filling and processing lines. Additionally, they should match your quantity or volumetric packaging requirements. As such, we design and avail a custom cup sample for you to inspect and test on your production lines before production begins.

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