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Glass Milk Bottle Manufacturer

Glass Milk Bottle

Glass feeding bottles are the most suitable milk containers for milk to preserve the quality and taste of the milk. Therefore, Reihey offers bulk food grade glass milk bottles. Our glass milk bottles are available in different sizes from 200mL to 500mL. You can easily identify the drink inside because the Reihey glass milk bottle is clear and transparent.

Also, with our glass cow bottle, spillage is not a problem. We offer glass milk bottles with lids to better seal the milk in glass bottles.They are covered with aluminum, cork and plastic caps.

250/500/1000ml Glass Milk Bottle With Plastic Lid

280ml Glass Milk Bottle With Metal Lid

Glass Milk Bottle with Cork Stopper Lid

250/300/500ml  clear Glass Milk Bottles

350ml  clear Glass Milk Bottle With Metal Lid

14 Oz Glass Milk Bottles with Colorful Metal Twist Lids

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At Reihey, we manufacture custom glass milk bottles for you, you can contact us according to your different needs for milk bottles.

1. Glass milk Bottle Sizes

Our glass milk bottles are available in sizes ranging from 100ml to 500ml. Larger or smaller custom sizes are also available, and they can be labeled in ounces or milliliters.


2. Glass Milk Bottle Shapes

We offer round, square, conical and special shape bottles to cater to different style preferences. You can also opt for bottle design.


3. Glass Milk Bottle Colors

We mainly manufacture clear glass milk bottles that allow you to fully display your milk product. Of course, we also offer other custom colors of glass milk bottles.


4. Glass Milk Bottle Closure Styles

Our closure options are diverse and are produced to specifically match the bottles you order. We offer caps and screw lids which are ideal for commercial milk products.


5. Glass Milk Bottle Finish Options

We provide a wide selection of finish options including engraved, frosted and so on glass juice bottles. Our labeling and decorating team is always available to help you find the perfect finish.


Reihey for your wholesale custom glass milk bottles needs

Customer-based milk in glass bottles

Whether you require a special color, an unusual closure method, or a twisty shape, we have what it takes to make it happen. We perform all glass milk bottle manufacturing processes in-house and our team of staff is well-versed in each step. This makes it possible for us to customize your glass milk bottles to meet your packaging needs.
We assign a team of manufacturing experts to each client project. They will work with you to implement any milk bottle design ideas you have and bring them to reality.

Customized Glass Bottle Surface Label And Decoration

We offer custom printed glass feeding bottles to suit your business.Our skilled glass artisans work with design teams to translate design concepts into reality.

Still not finding what you're looking for?

Contact our consultants for more available products.

Wholesale Glass milk Bottles Supplier

Wholesale glass milk  bottles from Reihey are durable and high-temperature-resistant, making them ideal for storing  milk. Since they are made from sturdy glass, they can maintain the temperature of the milk for a long time.

Our glass milk bottles are smooth, stunning, and easy to clean, and free from BPA, lead, and other harmful chemicals.

Watch your sales escalate by buying elegant glass milk bottles in bulk from Reihey.

Glass Is The Perfect Material For Milk Bottle

Glass feeding bottles are superior to other bottles in both convenience and cost. Glass bottles are easy to clean in the dishwasher and retain their durability better than bottles that are washed frequently or heated. Plus, a glass bottle can save money because it can be washed and reused for decades, and can be easily repurposed for food storage and decorative purposes.


Boost Your Brand With Glass Milk Bottle Design

Using glass milk bottles to hold milk can increase the market competitiveness of the product. Clear, transparent glass bottles show customers the quality product you offer, and adding effective bottle labels based on brand strategy techniques ensures customers get the product. We also provide design and custom glass feeding bottles to better enhance your product aesthetics and branding.


Supplied With Lids For Glass Milk Bottles

Our capping options are varied and manufactured to match the bottle you order. We offer food grade metal caps that are perfect for milk products.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I customize my product?

We can make the product according to your requirements.

2. Can I print our own logo on my products?

Yes, We can print your logo on your products. Only we need you to supply your logo file in PDF or AI format.

3. How much is the product?

Prices are determined by many factors such as material, style, size etc. If you tell me the specific product requirements, we can offer the best price for you.

4. Is it possible to get sample before place order?

Yes, sure, for quality & material checking, stock samples without customized printing can be provided freely at your courier account. We will be happy to send you free samples.

5. What’s terms of payment?

A: 30% T/T deposit, 70% balance before delivery. B: 100% in advance, L/C at sight, Western Union for small amount payment.

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