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wholesale Glass Spice Jars

Reihey is one of the most reliable spice jar wholesalers in China, we manufacture and supply wholesale clear glass spice jars. Glass jars are ideal spice containers for storing spices. Also available are glass spice jars with lids, complete with airtight lids. Our food grade spice glass jars are not only used to store spices but also other kitchen items like salt, sugar, pickles and more. We offer wholesale spice jars in a variety of shapes and sizes, and Reihey can meet your production needs. If you can't find a design you like, we'd be more than happy to work with you and meet your branding requirements.

120ml Square Glass Spice Jar

Glass Spice Jar With Plastic Lid

Glass Spice Jar With Metal Lid

Square Glass Spice Bottles 6 oz Spice Jars with Black Plastic Lids

small spice jars

Empty Round Spice jar with Metal Cover Tick Marks

Wholesale Glass spice Jars Supplier for 14 Years

Reihey has 14 years of experience in the glass manufacturing industry and is one of the most reliable wholesale suppliers of glass spice jars in China. We design different glass spice jars, and the safe and durable glass material will surely attract customers for you.

Our wholesale spice jars are made of glass and are perfect for storing food. Foods like candy, nuts, dried fruit, scented teas are great for storing in glass jars.

Our wholesale glass jars come in different closures, including metal lids, plastic lids, and more. Glass spice jars with lids ensure the freshness of stored food and are the best choice for storing goods.

Reihey's wholesale glass spice jars come in different shapes and capacities, as well as different sizes. There is always one that suits your needs.

Are you looking for the best glass spice jars for your project? Contact Reihey today and let us help you create glass jars that will help increase your brand awareness!

Wholesale glass spice Jars

custom glass spice jars with labels

Our wholesale glass spice jars are not only available in large spice jars, small spice jars and more, we also offer decoration and labeling services. We are committed to creating the best design for your glass jars to enhance the competitiveness of your glass spice jars. So we offer a variety of decorative crafts to enhance the look of your spice jars.

High quality and safe glass material

The raw materials selected for our glass containers are of high quality and the composition of the raw materials is consistent with all products. All glass materials we use are also lead and BPA free and corrosion resistant. Wholesale glass spice jars from Reihey are guaranteed to be non-toxic, durable and effective for safe storage of goods.

Worry-free after-sales service

As one of the leading manufacturers of glass spice containers, one of our goals is to fully support you and your business. From inquiry to delivery of your order, we are here to serve you! We encourage you to contact us with any inquiries and any assistance with glass spice jars.

Provide customization of glass spice jars

We supply lids and closures for glass spice jars

A spice container would not be complete without a lid or closure that complements a glass spice jar. Glass spice jar jars can be paired with a variety of caps, whether metal, cork or plastic, our lids are the product that best matches the aesthetic of your glass spice jar you want to achieve.

Boost your brand with glass spice jar designs

Glass spice jars come in different types, such as square spice jars, round spice jars, and spice jars with tick marks; glass spice jars also come in different sizes and sizes, with large spice jars, small spice jars, and mini spice jars .

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