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wholesale Whiskey glasses

whiskey glasses

Reihey has been in the glass manufacturing industry for many years and uses modern glass manufacturing equipment and processes to maintain production efficiency and competitiveness. Therefore, you can confidently wholesale whisky glasses from Reihey. We offer high-quality, non-toxic glass whiskey glasses to help you become the best in the industry. Our glass whisky glasses are carefully researched and manufactured using only the highest quality lead-free food-grade materials and the best manufacturing processes.

210ml whiskey glasses

300ml  crystal whiskey glasses

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Glass Tumbler Whiskey Cup

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Wholesale Whiskey Glasses

Reihey offers a consistent wholesale supply of whisky glasses and we are known for our personalised whisky glasses. Our wine glasses are of the highest quality and we also offer great customer service.

From Reihey wholesale whiskey glasses you get a one stop shop for everything from design to manufacturing, inspection and shipping.

Our factory is equipped with cutting edge technology to ensure the efficient manufacture of high quality glasses. Reihey's whisky glasses help you further your business success.

wholesale Whiskey Glasses to Rocket Your Business

With a design that is easy to hold and drink, the appearance is transparent, simple and elegant.
Made of high quality glass. The material is safe and not easily broken.
With a wide mouth, whisky and other spirits can be poured easily.
Dishwasher-ready, easy to rinse off any whisky or other spirits left in the glass.

Why Glass Is the Perfect Materials for Glass whiskey Cups

Compared with other cup materials, the use of glass as the material of the cup has unique advantages. Glasses are not only beautiful and easy to clean, it also provides the purest taste for your beverages, alcohol because the glass does not affect their taste. While it is generally believed that glasses are prone to breakage, our glasses have a thicker surface to ensure maximum heat resistance and less chance of breakage.

Custom Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Glass cups are simple and elegant vessels that make a great addition to any dinnerware setting. Reihey offers a personalised whisky glass option. We create personalised whisky glasses by shape, style or tinted glass. Our custom whisky cups are made of high quality glass and are available in a variety of ruler styles. Whether it's a crystal whiskey glass, an old-fashioned whisky glass, or a fancy whiskey glass and more. We all strive to create the best whisky glass for you.

Custom Wholesale whiskey glasses 

As one of the leading glass manufacturing companies in China, Reihey accepts custom orders for wholesale glasses, if you have your own brand design, please let us know now! If you are planning to order large quantities of glass cups, then we encourage you to take advantage of our samples. Whatever the design, we'll work with you to make sure you get only the best packaging design for your project!

Full Solutions From Custom whiskey glass Manufacturers

whiskey glass Material

Made of high quality lead-free crystal, the clearest and most lustrous glass in the world, the modern whisky glass sparkles in the light, the elegant twist design is sure to impress your whiskey glass, perfect for special occasions Share a toast with family or clients, or play poker and party with friends.

whiskey glass Finish

Finishes play an important role in the appearance of a whisky glass. Reihey offers a variety of decorative finishes to enhance aesthetics and brand competitiveness. They include electroplating, baking, screen printing, etc.

whiskey glass Capacity

At Reihey, we can customize your whisky glass capacity according to the amount of product you wish to pack. This is an important aspect that our design experts must consider when conceiving custom design wine glasses. Our whisky glasses are available in various styles and capacities, please contact us if you need a custom capacity.

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