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How do you cut a Pyrex glass tube

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I love Pyrex glass tubing, but sometimes it's not easy to get what you need. I've had to cut a lot of tubes in my day, and it can be tricky if you're not prepared for it. Here are some tips that will make your life easier:

Step 1: Preparation

Before you start, make sure you have the right equipment.

  • A cutting tool that is designed to cut Pyrex glass tubes (such as a diamond-tipped glass tube cutter)
  • Safety goggles or eye protection
  • Hearing protection (e.g., earmuffs) and/or face shield if it's necessary for your safety or other people's safety in the area

Make sure you have all of the tools needed for this task:

Step 2: Place the Pyrex Tube in a Vice Grip

  • Place the Pyrex tube in a vice grip
  • Hold it with a rag, making sure it's secure
  • Do not apply too much pressure or you risk breaking the glass tube
  • Do not use pliers or a saw to cut the glass, as this may cause splintering.

Step 3: Score the Glass Tube

To score the glass tube, you’ll need a glass cutter. When you’re ready to begin scoring, hold your glass cutter at an angle and press it gently against the surface of the tube. Don’t apply too much pressure or you risk breaking your Pyrex glass tube. Once you have scored enough lines around your desired length and angle, use a pair of metal-plated tweezers or pliers to break along each line by pulling down on both ends until they snap off.

This step is important because it allows for easy separation of the two separate pieces without leaving behind any sharp edges that might cut yourself later on in this process (and it does happen).

Step 4: Place the Tube in Ice Water

If you want to prevent cracking, place the tube in ice water for about 15 minutes. Do this by placing the tube into a container full of water and ice or putting it in a bowl of cold tap water, making sure that there is enough room for ice cubes around it.

Step 5: Remove the Tube from the Vice Grip and Cut Again

Now that your tube is in the vice grip and you've cut it, take it out of the vice grip and put it back into the water. Then take your sharp knife and cut it again. This will allow you to get a clean edge on both sides of your tube so that when you're done, they'll line up perfectly with one another. You may want to do this step twice over until they line up as closely as possible.

With some preparation, it's possible to cut Pyrex glass tubing at home.

Now that you understand the basics of cutting glass, let's see how to do it.

The first thing you need to know is that there are a few different types of glass cutters. If you want to cut Pyrex glass tubing, your best bet is a diamond-tipped cutter. These are available at hardware stores and on Amazon for around $25-$40 depending on how many blades they come with. Keep in mind that these tools will only work if your tube has been scored first with another tool like a ceramic tile cutter or nail clippers.

If you're not comfortable using power tools at home (or don't want to damage something), here's an alternative option: use a vice grip! The advantage of using this method is that it doesn't require any special training; however, it can be difficult getting the right amount of pressure when squeezing the vice grip onto your tube—especially if it isn't perfectly round in shape

I hope that this guide has given you the confidence to cut your own Pyrex glass. Not only is it a lot easier than you think, but it's also a great way to save money on new equipment if you're just starting out in the hobby!

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