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How many 500 ml bottles of water fit on a 40 ft container

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I know it's an old joke, but what happens in a 40 ft container stays in a 40 ft container. But how many 500 ml bottles of water can fit on that container? So many!

A 40 ft container has a volume of 68 cubic meters.

A standard 40-foot container has an internal volume of 68 cubic meters. Use our 500ml glass bottles for packaging water, 40 glass bottles per carton, the master carton size is 60*48*28 cm.

The 500ml glass bottles are packed in a 60*48*28 cm carton.

If all the bottle mouths are placed on the top, then 95 cases can be placed on each layer, and a total of 9 layers can be placed. A total of 855 cartons, or 34,200.

If it is not required that all the bottles are placed upwards, we can use different placement methods to save space. In this way, 70 more boxes can be placed, for a total of 925 cartons, or 37,000.

40 ft container weight limit is 22 tons.

However, since a standard container has a rated load of only 22,000 kg, the container cannot be filled with water bottles. In order to remain under the maximum rated load, only 628 cartons can be carried, which is 25,120 glass bottles filled with 500ml of water.

Of course, if it is packaged in plastic bottles, you can pack 11,880 more bottles.

25,150 500 ml bottles of water fit on a 40 ft container

You can fit 25,120 500 ml bottles of water in a 40 ft container.

A 40ft container is roughly the size of a small house, while a typical bottle of water comes in at about the size of a soda can. So you can imagine how much room the container has to offer you, and how much more it can hold than your average bottle. The container will take up 4 times more space than the bottle!

So, if you're looking to ship a lot of water, then your best bet is to use a 40 ft container. This will allow you to ship 25,120 500 ml bottles of water.

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