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Is borosilicate glass BPA-free

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There's a lot of confusion about what borosilicate glass is and whether or not it contains BPA (Bisphenol-A). Borosilicate glass is a type of heat-resistant glass made from silica, boric oxide, calcium oxide, and aluminum oxide. It's the same substance used to make Pyrex bakeware and laboratory beakers.

BPA is an industrial chemical that was once found in various plastic products, including baby bottles and water bottles. The concern with BPA revolves around its potential health effects on humans when ingested at high levels over long periods of time—though some research has disputed the link between this chemical in small amounts and human health problems.

What is borosilicate glass?

You may have seen the term “borosilicate glass” on some packaging. It's a type of glass that is resistant to thermal shock, which means it can withstand sudden changes in temperature. This makes it ideal for laboratory glassware and cookware—or any other glass product that might be exposed to high or low temperatures. Borosilicate glass is also known as Pyrex, so when you see this name on your favorite mug or bowl, you can rest assured they're made with borosilicate material!

Borosilicate is produced by adding boron oxide (a naturally occurring compound) with soda ash (a chemical found in many soils).

What is BPA?

BPA is a chemical used in the production of plastics, resins and other products. It's commonly used to make plastic bottles and food containers.

In recent years, there have been concerns about BPA’s potential health effects on humans—specifically its effect on reproductive systems. Because of this, many manufacturers switched from using BPA in their products to using borosilicate glass instead; however, some companies still use BPA-containing materials for their products.

Is borosilicate glass BPA-free?

Yes, borosilicate glass is BPA-free. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that has very low thermal expansion and working temperature limits. It is commonly used in laboratory equipment and cookware. These dishes are safe to use in the oven or microwave, but they're also present in other places where you might not expect to find them—like baby bottles and dental sealants!

BPA stands for bisphenol A, a chemical that's sometimes added to some types of plastic products because it makes them more durable and flexible. But this chemical can leach into food and drinks when it comes into contact with hot liquids like soup or tea (or boiling water) which means that if you've been storing food in containers made from BPA-containing plastics for an extended period of time then there's a chance those containers may contain some traces of this nasty chemical by now.

You can trust that borosilicate glass containers are food-safe and free of BPA.

Some plastics contain BPA, a chemical that's been shown to have harmful effects on the human body. Because borosilicate glass containers don't contain this chemical and are manufactured in ways that ensure purity, you can trust that they're free of BPA.

BPA is used to make some plastics more flexible and shatter-resistant. It also makes them more clear so they can be used in certain applications, such as baby bottles and food storage containers that need to be translucent or transparent so you can see what's inside without opening them first (like these).

Because borosilicate glass containers are made with different materials than plastics—boron oxide instead of BPA—they're not affected by exposure to heat or cold temperatures either (unlike plastic products).

We hope that this article has been helpful to you! As you can see, borosilicate glass is a great material for making your food storage containers. It’s strong and durable, so it will last a long time. And because it doesn’t contain BPA, there are no harmful chemicals leaching into your food. If you have any questions about what types of glass are best suited for your needs or how they can help improve your life at home, please contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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