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Our Workshop shot

Check out the pictures and videos of our workshop to learn about our real production sites.

production line photo&Videos

We have multiple production lines, the daily production is mainly glassware, and two lines are producing high borosilicate lunch boxes.
Photo and videos

Product on showroom and line

A selection of photos and videos of some products, including materials taken in our sample room and production line.

Product Packaging photos&Videos

As glass products are fragile, we generally guarantee egg partitions, palletize the outer box, and export the whole cabinet. For small batch orders, we will add additional packaging materials to ensure the safety of the goods.

Warehouse photos&Videos

Glass products do not need to be treated with additional moisture. We generally stack them directly on the pallets for isolation and dust protection. Since the production workshop is 24*365, 50% of the space in our site is used for storage.

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