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Wide Mouth Mason Jars 16 oz Mason Canning Jelly Jars With Wide Mouth Lids and Bands Ideal for Jam Honey


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    Product Shape

Glass mason jar
    Model Number GJ-00F1
     Material High borosilicate glass
          Size 100-700ml


1. logo printing on color box, free in charge
2. logo sticker, can put on glass or on lid, most cheapest way
3. silk printing on lid
4. heat transfer printing on lid
    Test Report LFGB test, lid BPA FREE
         Features 1 .Anti-thermal shock degree:>=41 degrees
2 .Internal-stress(Grade):<=Grade 4
3 .Thermal Tolerance:120 degrees
4 .Anti shock:>=0.7
5. Pathogenic Bacterium:Negative
6. Thermal Tolerance:120 degrees
           MOQ 100 pcs

Excellent Food Organization Set - Perfect for your cooking & baking ingredients like penne, dried beans, rice, barley, crackers,snacks, coffee, tea, nuts, or preserving your favorite herbs, fruits & vegetables, and jams.Also great for fermenting too!
Airtight Food Storage Jars - Each glass container is well sealed, equipped with a silicone gasket, and a stainless steel lockingclamp to make sure your food keep fresh while in storage.

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