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What the best way to Pack Glassware When Moving?

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There are a few simple steps you can take when packing your glassware so that each one arrives at your new home safe. These moving steps will save you the worry of moving your fragile items. Using the correct type of transport box for packing porcelain, glassware and fragile items can help ensure that this valuable cargo is transported safely.

Prepare the Box

If you are using paper, be it wrapping paper or newsprint, crumple up a few sheets so that they cover the bottom of the box. The crumpled paper will provide sufficient cushioning to protect the goggles from hitting the bottom, and will also protect the goggles if the box is accidentally dropped.

Line your boxes with your packing paper.

Squeeze the paper lightly and place it on the bottom of the box until you no longer feel the bottom. Place several layers of paper on top of the crumpled paper to create an impromptu shelf before you start placing the glassware inside. This will absorb most of the big bumps along the way and help protect the contents of the box.

Wrap each glassware. 

Take a sheet of wrapping paper and wrap it around the glassware. Do this for each item you put in the box and place them next to each other. Do not fold them too tightly, they should touch, but not press against each other. Fill in any extra areas with a little wrinkled wrapping paper so that they don't move too much during the trip.

Fill the Box

Wrap glassware in single or double bags and stack them on top of each other. Make sure the larger, heavy items are at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top.

Cushion the Top

Make sure you don't fill the box completely and leave room at the top for excess packing material. Make sure the amount of crumpled paper you add to the bottom of the box is equal to the amount you add to the top. Or, if using towels or other materials, leave enough space to apply a thick layer on top.

Check and Seal the Box

Before closing the box, gently shake it back and forth. You should not hear the glass click or feel the movement of its contents.

Once you are happy with the packaging, cover the box with packing tape and label it, noting what is inside and in which room it is. Always mark the box as fragile so that the movers know to handle it with care.

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