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Reihey supplies a wide variety of unique wholesale candle jars and bulk glass candle jars. We have a variety of glass candle jars that combine beautiful textures and designs. We have clear and engraved glasses, colored and tinted glasses and special shaped glass candle jars. Our candle jars are made of thick glass that can withstand heat. It has a smooth and thickened surface to prevent glass breakage. Glass candle jars provide a touch of beauty in the room, making it even more beautiful.

If your desired glass candle jar design is not listed, you can contact us. We will get in touch with your needs and assist you throughout the process. You can customize the jar shape, finish, design and capacity of your glass candle jars.

200/300ml Glass Candle Jar

Embossed Glass Candle Jar

Octagonal Relief Candle Jar

transparent European-style glass round candle

Clear Candle Jar

Amber Candle Jar With Lid

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wholesale candle jars supplier

As one of the experienced glass manufacturers in China, you can confidently wholesale candle jars from Reihey. We accept custom orders for wholesale candle jars, if you have your own brand design, please let us know right away! If you are planning to order large quantities of glass candle jars then we encourage you to take advantage of our samples. We are dedicated to creating the design of the candle jar that best suits your project!

Why Glass Is the Perfect Materials for Glass Candle Jar

Heat resistance plays an important role in choosing a safe container for candles, as the heat from the candle can cause the container to rupture. Glass is an ideal material for glass jars due to its generally high heat resistance. Our glass candle jars are made thick enough to handle the heat generated by the candle. Not only that, but the glass candle jars also provide a great view of the burning candle and its beautiful waxy texture.

Boost Your Brand with Glass Candle Jar Design

Attract more customers to your brand by offering beautiful candles in safe, heat-resistant glass candle jars. By offering the thick glass candle jars we offer, you'll not only delight your customers, but give them peace of mind, thereby building trust in your brand. You can add designs on glass candle jars to enhance your customers' experience with candle products through decoration and labeling techniques.

Complete Solutions from Custom Wholesale Glass Candle Jars

Glass Candle Jar Capacity

At Reihey, we can customize the capacity of your glass jars to the quantities that you prefer to package your product in. It is an important aspect that our design specialists have to consider when conceptualizing custom design glass bottles. We manufacture jars of volumes between 100ml up to 500ml.

Glass Candle Jar Material

For optimal performance, your custom glass jars need to be designed with the right glass and closures.
We can produce different kinds of glass to accommodate such needs.

Glass Candle Jar Dimension

The dimensions of your glass jars need to correspond with your factory filling and processing lines. Additionally, they should match your quantity or volumetric packaging requirements. As such, we design and avail a custom jar sample for you to inspect and test on your production lines before production begins.

Glass Candle Jar Color

Colored bottles appeal to customers and can be used as a brand signature.
We can customize your glass jar in blue, amber, green, yellow, or other colors of your choice.

Glass Candle Jar Shapes

Glass jar shapes are important for aesthetics and functionality purposes, such as stability. Our team of designers will work with you to consider various custom shapes that may be ideal for you. You can also choose from our wide selection of balloon-like, round, or cornered shapes, and different neck lengths.

Glass Candle Jar Finish

Finishes play a big role in the appearance of glass jars. Neck finishes determine which closures can be used for particular bottles. Reihey offers a wide range of metal, plastic, and cork closures. For aesthetics and branding, we provide numerous decorative finishes. They include electroplating, baking, screen printing, among others.

Wholesale empty candle jars supplier

Reihey offers unique glass candle jars and candle containers wholesale, we can guarantee you will get heat resistant candle containers in a variety of textures and designs.
If your desired glass candle jar design is not listed, you can contact us. We will get in touch with your needs and assist you throughout the process.

Glass candle jars are heat resistant

Our glass material has very high heat resistance, so it is very suitable for candle vessels. Our candle candle making jars are thick enough to handle the heat from the candle, and we also offer candle jars with lids that are safe and functional.

Supplied in glass candle jars with lids

Our candle jars are available with lids or twist caps to add to their beauty and security. You can use the lid to cover the candle when it is closed to keep the candle intact.

Custom Candle Jar Colors and Designs

We offer unique candle jars, which means you have the option to add your favorite labels and decorations to many of the pre-designed candle holders to enhance your customer experience. Whether they are clear candle jars or amber candle jars, you can design and choose.

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