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Wholesale Glass Perfume Bottle 

Glass Perfume Bottle Supplier

Our company believes that glass perfume bottles, characterized by high chemical resistance and high transparency, are ideal components for high-end perfumes.Reihey manufactures and supplies wholesale glass perfume bottles in a variety of colors, designs and sizes, ranging from 10ml to 50ml. Our wholesale perfume bottles are great for perfumes, colognes, and more. Simply pair each glass perfume bottle with a perfume cap to tightly seal and preserve the liquid fragrance. We offer arsenic-free, lead-free high-quality glass. In addition, these containers have eco-glass UV protection.

10/15ml Glass Perfume Bottle

Small Capacity Square Glass Perfume Bottle

30/50ml Glass Perfume Bottle

100ml Oblate Glass Perfume Bottle

25/35/50ml Glass Perfume Bottle With Bow knot

30/50ml Clear Square Glass Perfume Bottle

10ml Car Glass Perfume Bottle

30/50/100ml Thickened Round Diffuser Perfume Glass Bottle

50/100/200ml Glass Diffuser Perfume Bottle

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Custom Glass Perfume Bottle Manufacturers

Reihey offers not only wholesale glass perfume bottles, but also custom glass perfume bottles. Whether you need art glass perfume bottles, vintage glass perfume bottles or frosted glass perfume bottles, Reihey will try to meet your needs.
If the wholesale glass perfume bottle you are looking for does not appear in the product picture above, you can request the glass bottle custom, please contact us immediately. We are more than willing to assist and cooperate with you.

1. Glass Perfume Bottle Sizes

We offer 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml perfume glass bottles wholesale. You are also welcome to order larger custom sizes whenever you need them.

2. Glass Perfume Bottle Shapes

Our perfume bottle shapes range from circular to square and one-of-a-kind shapes.

3. Glass Perfume Bottle Colors

We manufacture both clear and colored perfume bottles. The clear designs comprise plain, crystal, and embellished options. The colored designs include blue and black perfume bottles wholesale, among many others.

4. Glass Perfume Finish Options

On perfume glass bottleneck finish options, we offer screw-on and cap finishes. On decorative finishes, we provide various choices including smooth, crackled, engraved, and textured crystal glass perfume bottles wholesale.

Why Glass Is The Perfect Materials For glass perfume bottle

Compared with other materials, the use of glass as the material for glass perfume bottles has unique advantages. Glass perfume bottles not only allow consumers to better see the perfume in the glass bottle, but also reduce breakage to a greater extent. While glass is generally believed to be prone to breakage, our glass surfaces are thicker to ensure less chance of breakage.

Boost Your Brand With Glass perfume bottles Design

Glass perfume bottles are simple and elegant containers that are a must for any venue. Offering customers an amazing experience with your glass perfume bottle will increase brand loyalty and recognition. You can choose to keep your perfume glass bottles clear and transparent, or you can add more personality to them with a variety of decoration and labeling techniques.

Supply Wholesale Glass Perfume Bottles For Packaging Fragrances

We have been in the glass bottle industry for over 3 decades and have a vast understanding of perfume packaging. Custom glass perfume bottles are ideal when you need to make your fragrance product stand out or fulfill unique customer needs like travel-size perfumes.
You can expect us to provide you with a perfume container that suits your needs.

Reihey perfume glass bottles can also be used for:

Packaging Car Scents

We manufacture and offer small perfume glass bottles that can be fitted with a cork and a diffuser. Their lightweight design makes them easy to hang, while decorative glass makes them attractive.

Packaging House Scents

House scents with essential oils can be very effective, so they need to be dispersed slowly. Our perfume bottles are tightly sealed, so they can be used to create reed diffusers for these scents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I customize my product?

We can make the product according to your requirements.

2. Can I print our own logo on my products?

Yes, We can print your logo on your products. Only we need you to supply your logo file in PDF or AI format.

3. How much is the product?

Prices are determined by many factors such as material, style, size etc. If you tell me the specific product requirements, we can offer the best price for you.

4. Is it possible to get sample before place order?

Yes, sure, for quality & material checking, stock samples without customized printing can be provided freely at your courier account. We will be happy to send you free samples.

5. What’s terms of payment?

A: 30% T/T deposit, 70% balance before delivery. B: 100% in advance, L/C at sight, Western Union for small amount payment.

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