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Why do jam usually come in glass jars only

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Jam is one of the most popular and delicious spreads in the world. Not only does it make a great breakfast, but it also can be used in a variety of recipes. But why do we use glass jars instead of metal or plastic? The answer lies in convenience, safety, cost and sustainability.

Jam can be stored for a long time

Jam is a delicious treat that can be stored for a long time. It's also more durable when stored in glass jars rather than plastic bottles.

Jam will last longer in glass jars than plastic bottles because they are less likely to break and easier to clean, making them ideal storage containers.

The alternative would cost more

Most people don't know that the reason why jam comes in glass jars is because it's the most economical, eco-friendly option.

It's cheaper to produce than plastic and metal. In fact, glass jars cost less than aluminum cans to make! Plus, they're reusable and recyclable when you're done with them.

And speaking of recycling: a lot of people are under the impression that plastic is better for the environment than glass because plastic can be recycled endlessly. The problem with this logic is that it only takes into account how many times something can be reused before being thrown away for good; but if something isn't being reused at all (like disposable packaging), then it doesn't matter if it was made from paper or petroleum products—it still needs to be thrown out!

Glass doesn't interact with the jam

Glass jars are the perfect receptacle for jam because they don’t interact with the jam. They don’t react to it and cause chemical changes, nor do they leach any chemicals into the jam. They are also non-absorbent, so if something spills or leaks inside a glass jar, it won’t soak into the glass or leave traces behind on your food when you put it in there later.

Finally, while this may not be a concern with preserves like jam or marmalade (which are made from fruits), we should mention that glass is non-carcinogenic—a substance that doesn't cause cancer. This means that when used as containers for foods, no carcinogens will leach out into what you're eating through plastic packaging or even metal lids like tin foil!

Glass is easy to reuse and recycle

Glass is easy to reuse and recycle because it can be cleaned and sterilised easily. Glass is also very good at keeping out bacteria, which makes it ideal for storing food products.

It's also environmentally friendly, as glass can be recycled indefinitely. Although recycling glass is not as efficient as recycling aluminium or paper, it's still better than throwing away new bottles every time you empty one!

Most importantly, you can refill your jam jars multiple times before they will need replacing - this means that although glass jars are more expensive than plastic containers when you buy them new, over time they'll cost less because of the reduced amount of waste generated by reusing empty jars instead of buying pre-filled ones each time you need a new batch of jam (or whatever else).

For the reasons above, it's usually more convenient to use glass jars rather than other materials.

Glass jars are more durable and easier to recycle than plastic. They're also more environmentally friendly than metal.

You'll save money on this type of packaging, since you won't need to replace it as often as other options.

So, while you can buy jam in plastic containers, it's not quite as convenient. However, if you're okay with buying a few extra glass jars, they are a great way to store your jams and keep them fresh!

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