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Why do we choose glass food containers instead of plastic food containers?

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Food storage containers are essential in daily life. You can see them everywhere—preparing food storage, packed lunches, leftovers, even in grocery stores. You may have noticed that there are some commonly used materials that can be used to deal with this problem, such as glass storage containers and plastic storage containers.

But now, many people have begun to abandon the use of plastic lunch boxes and switch to glass lunch boxes. Why? Next, I will show you four reasons.


Glass food containers can go from the freezer to the refrigerator to the oven to the dining table. Similarly, we don't need to wait for the food to cool completely before putting the leftovers in the glass food container. Because glass can operate safely at various temperatures, you don't have to soil another container to heat stored food or serve heated food. Not only that, glass also has a huge ability to absorb and retain heat, so when your homemade dishes are made of glass, it will slow the speed of the food from hot to cold.


Although plastic food containers are cheap, glass is very durable and can be reused for many years. Although it is more expensive to purchase, glass has a longer lifespan than plastic, is made from sustainable resources, and is 100% recyclable. And glass food containers are not as easily worn out as plastic food containers. Therefore, in the long run, glass food containers are more sustainable.


Food stored in glass food containers tastes just like it should. Store food in glass food containers, it will not be changed by the taste of the previously stored food or the stale smell of the refrigerator. The plastic food container will change the taste of existing food due to the taste of the previously stored food. Moreover, the glass is non-porous and hard to scratch (reducing the risk of trapped food particles), and it does not have a plastic taste comparable to the deliciousness of the food you work hard to make. Unlike a plastic container that quickly changed from a "new" appearance to a stained and scratched version, the glass remained the same. And we can safely put the glass food container in the dishwasher and wash it at high temperature.


The lid of the food container should be provided with a seal to prevent the entry of moisture and pests, and to prevent the food from being contaminated by bacteria. Airtight plastic food containers have the risk of liquid leakage, and airtight glass containers can prevent liquid leakage or spillage even when placed upside down.

Plastic is the simplest and cheapest food storage option, but not always the smartest. Although plastic containers are great for refrigerating, traveling or bringing food to places like dinners (so you can leave it behind), when it comes to storing hot food and using to re-heat last night’s dinner, you want to steer clear. Some plastics may contain the chemicals bisphenol A or BPA. Unfortunately, when heated, chemicals can seep into your food and beverages from plastic storage containers. Plastics that are continuously exposed to high temperatures will decompose over time, allowing BPA to seep into your food. BPA is "safe" at low levels because microwaves tend to seep into your food, but some people generally prefer to avoid this chemical just in case. You can easily avoid BPA by using BPA-free plastic or glass containers and reheating food in bowls or separate non-plastic containers.

The glass food container is a safe and healthy food storage option, because glass is a chemically inert material, so there is no risk of interaction with the food contained in it. It can be used in almost all types of food, including acidic and alkaline foods. The food in the glass container can maintain the nutritional value and freshness for a longer time.

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