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Why do you prefer your beer in a glass over a can

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Most people agree that beer tastes better from a glass than from a can. Why? There are several reasons.

Better tasting

  • Glass is better than cans. Can you imagine drinking a glass of wine out of a can? No, because it would be gross. And think about how much more easily beer gets warm in cans compared to bottles or glasses—that's because aluminum conducts heat faster than glass does! So now that we've established that glassware is the way to go, why do people even still drink their beer from cans? Well, there are some benefits: they're lighter and cheaper than bottles (which are heavier), and they're easier to transport without worrying about breaking anything valuable inside them. But if convenience isn't your main priority when it comes to beverage containers, then why not choose an actual glass cup instead?

Overall better beer experience

First, let's talk about the beer. Beer is a living thing and needs to be treated with care. The first step in that direction is serving it at the proper temperature, which you can do by using glassware that does not conduct heat or cold as well as metal.

Second, let’s talk about glassware itself. You might think this comes down to taste preference, but it also comes down to what's best for both you and your environment: when you drink from glass instead of plastic (which often contains BPA), you're reducing your exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in plastic bottles.

Finally—and this is just my opinion—there are plenty of reasons why I'm so excited about glassware being used for craft beer: Because when breweries use bottles instead of cans or kegs, they can more easily tell us where our beer came from (i.e., where its ingredients were grown). This means we'll have more information available on whether our favorite brew was made locally or halfway across the world!


Glass bottles are a classic way to store and drink beer, but there are also some practical reasons why you might prefer to put your beer in an elegant glass bottle.

Glass is attractive. In addition to being visually pleasing, glass is reusable and recyclable. You can use a glass bottle for drinking or as an ornamental piece that can be displayed on the mantlepiece or hung on the wall. You can even use it as a vase for flowers or plants! If you’re feeling particularly crafty, why not make a lamp out of your empty bottles? It will add flavor (heh heh) to any room while providing light during power outages or late nights at work when everyone else has left.

Many people prefer drinking their beer in a glass bottle.

For many people, drinking beer in a glass bottle is the only way to go. They have their reasons:

  • Glass bottles are more expensive to produce than cans.
  • It is easier to recycle glass bottles than cans (although recycling rates are improving).
  • Glass bottles are more difficult to transport, especially when they're filled with carbonated liquids; they can explode if they break and should never be shipped with anything that could puncture or break them.
  • Glass bottles take up more space on store shelves and in refrigerators than cans do (although this isn't as much of a problem anymore since refrigerators have gotten larger over time).

In conclusion, you should pack your beer in glass bottles, not cans.

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