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Why don't soda makers use glass bottles more

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The soda industry has been using plastic bottles for decades. The reasons why are simple: plastic bottles are cheaper and easier to produce than glass ones. Glass bottles are also heavier, which can make them more expensive to ship and store. I'll explain why these factors matter in the soda industry, but first let me outline how we make soda in the first place!

Paperboard is easier

  • Paperboard is lighter. The shelves in grocery stores are designed to store products of similar weight, so glass bottles will have to be stacked on top of each other. This could lead to breakage and injury in the event that a person trips over the boxes.
  • Paperboard is easier to ship and store than glass, which can be heavy and costly for shipping companies or grocery stores who need more space for storage, especially if they have a high volume of soda brands to carry.
  • Paperboard is cheaper than glass, since it's less expensive per ounce when considering production costs like transportation and labor involved with making both materials (especially when factoring in how much heavier glass bottles are).

Glass bottles are heavy

You may be surprised to learn that soda makers and bottlers use plastic bottles for many of their beverages. For example, Coca-Cola products are packaged in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. They're lightweight, cheap, and easy to transport.

The reason for this is that glass bottles are much heavier than the plastic alternatives—they can weigh up to four times as much. This means that transporting them requires more resources (fuel costs) and more manpower (to move them around).

Additionally, while plastic is cheap and plentiful in today's world, there isn't a huge supply of glass bottles lying around waiting to be used by soda companies—especially since most people have switched over from using glass containers for their sodas decades ago! That means even if a company wanted to switch back over when they first started packaging their drinks with plastics instead of glass containers…there weren't enough "old style" containers available anymore!

Plastic bottles cost less

There are a few reasons why soda makers don't use glass bottles more often. First, the plastic bottles are cheaper to produce and ship than glass bottles. Plastic bottles weigh less than their glass counterparts, so they cost less to transport. They're also easier to store in bulk and make up for their lower cost by having a longer shelf life. The recyclability of plastic is another point in its favor: while you can't just toss them into your dishwasher like you would with ceramic or steel containers, they're still much easier to recycle than glass because they have fewer materials involved in their production process; thus there's less waste associated with recycling them when their useful lifespan ends.

Soda makers use plastic bottle because it is easier, cheaper, and less likely to shatter than glass bottles.

There are a number of reasons why soda makers use plastic bottles over glass.

  • Plastic bottles are lighter than glass, so they're easier to transport.
  • Plastic bottles are also less expensive than glass ones, which makes them more likely to be used by budget-conscious manufacturers.
  • The material used in plastic bottles is also less likely to break or shatter when hit than the material from some types of glass bottles. This means that fewer accidents involving broken glass may occur when using these containers, which means fewer injuries for consumers and employees alike at companies that supply their products with this type of packaging (e.g., restaurants).

In conclusion, you should know that soda makers use plastic bottles because it is easier and cheaper than glass bottles. Also, they don't have to worry about broken glass bottles cutting someone's hand or foot.

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