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Why we are using mug for coffee, glass for milk, cup for tea

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How do you take your coffee? For example, do you prefer it in a mug? Or perhaps you enjoy your milk from a bottle. And what about tea? Do you drink it from a cup or out of a pot? If so, then you’re probably wondering why we use these different types of containers for each of our beverages. The answer is simple: because we have been doing it for centuries!

Coffee mug

A coffee mug is a cup with a handle, typically made of ceramic or glass. It's used to serve hot drinks, like coffee and tea. A coffee mug usually has a capacity of between 200 and 400 millilitres (roughly 7-12 ounces), while an average teacup holds between 150 and 300 ml (5-10 oz).

If you're looking for a fancier option that will hold more liquid than the standard size, you might want to consider getting yourself an oversized mug—these can hold anywhere from 500 ml (16 oz) up to 2 litres (70 oz).

Milk bottle

  • Milk in a bottle is convenient. You can carry it with ease, and you can pour by holding the bottle upside down.
  • You can clean the outside of a milk bottle with soap and water, inside or out. These days, people are encouraged to use reusable water bottles that they fill up at home or work (and sometimes refill at public drinking fountains). These bottles are typically made of plastic and may not be dishwasher safe; they also might need rinsing before filling them up again if they were filled with dirty tap water.
  • Milk bottles stack well in refrigerator doors; they don’t take up much space on shelves; they fit easily into small refrigerators like dorm fridges; and they take up little room in pantry cupboards because there are usually no lids to lose!

Tea cup

  • A tea cup is a small, handle-less ceramic cup that holds about six ounces of liquid. It’s used to serve hot tea and other hot drinks, like coffee or soup. Tea cups can be made of porcelain or earthenware, decorated with gold leaf or colored glazes and sometimes adorned with a handle.
  • The word "tea" comes from the Chinese word “cha” which means “green tea." Green tea leaves are picked early in the morning before they open up completely because this makes them easier to process into fine powder form.

People use a mug for coffee, a glass for milk and a cup for tea

People use a mug for coffee, a glass for milk and a cup for tea. That's the way it's always been. You know that if you're at someone's house and they offer you coffee, they'll hand you a mug. If they offer you milk, they'll hand you not just any container but also one with an opening wide enough to fit your finger through. And if someone offers you tea, it will be in—you guessed it—a cup!

So why do we have different types of containers? Why don't we all just drink out of mugs? Or maybe just disposable cups like at restaurants? Well...that would be inconvenient because there are rules about how many people can drink from each type of container at once (and about how much time has passed between uses).

For example: If two people want to share a glass of wine together while watching TV after dinner at home then no problem! But if both want water instead—especially if one wants tap water while another prefers bottled or filtered—then things get complicated quickly! In fact there are so many different types of containers available today (glass bottles vs plastic jugs vs compostable bags) that it might seem overwhelming just trying to keep up with which ones have been cleaned properly before being used again next time around!

We hope that by now you have a better understanding of why we use different vessels for different drinks. The takeaway is that each type of cup or glass has benefits and drawbacks, but there is no “one size fits all” container. We hope this article gave you some insight into how our choices are informed by history and culture! Now go forth, enjoy your beverage of choice from an appropriately sized vessel and don't let anyone tell you differently 🙂

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